R2D2 – Voice Commanded and Motion Sensing

Who wouldn’t want their own R2D2?

How about one that stands 15 inches tall and is voice activated?

This most famous and loved of the R2 droids (sorry D4!) will respond to around 40 voice commands!

He can even be set to a motion sensor so that he sounds an alarm when he detects movement – that should work to confuse any would-be ne’er-do-wells or at least your drunken partner 😉

And bless ‘im, R2 will happily follow you around as well swiveling his head as he does so.

Being R2D2 he’ll occassionally get grumpy and fall into “bad mood” mode  which can simply be remedied with an “R2 behave yourself!” 

His talents know no end as he can replay sounds and dialog from Star Wars and has been known to groove to the cantina music. 

No need to bargain with a Jawa – just click here and pay $169.95.