Quirky Space Bar desk organiser adds USBs as well as keyboard storage

Quirky space bar desk organiser macYou have got yourself a lovely, aluminium Mac but want to be able to stow away that skinny keyboard and have some extra and easily accessable USB ports. What can you do without ruining the Apple asthetics? Quicky have the answer.

The Quirky Space Bar Desk Organiser allows you to store away your keyboard and thus save you some desk space should you not require the QWERTY.

As well as fitting in nicely with the Mac’s looks and having a little keyboard garage, the Space Bar also features six USB ports – four at the front and two round the back of the shelf.

If you’re not sporting a skinny Apple keyboard, don’t worry. You can stow a keyboard up to 18-inches long by 1.5-inches high. As you can see, it will easily support the weight of an iMac.

The Quirky Space Bar desk organiser is available at Amazon.co.uk for just over £80.

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