Quirky Perch – Multi Phone Travel Dock with Removable Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re on the look-out for a bedside clock/iPhone (or any other phone) charger but want something a bit more stylish and quirky then I may have found the product for you.

The Perch is Quirky‘s latest socially-developed product and comes in two pieces.

The base is a tray that will nestle your mobile while you both sleep and allows for the devices charging cable to neatly run through to make that connection. The base also features a nice soft blue clock.

The top bit is a removable, magnetically connected, Bluetooth speaker so it provides sonics in your bedroom and then you can take it with you on your daily adventure! The speaker has its own rechargeable internal battery.

When you’re at the pub, park, wherever, the speaker has a stand so you can prop it up in ‘portrait mode’.

Pre-order Perch from Quirky for $179.99 – I hope that it sounds as good as it looks!

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