Quirky Kickster – iPod Nano 5G Case With Video Grip and Stand for Under $20

kicksterSince first clapping my eyes on Digi Dude I’ve enjoyed Quirky’s work.

Now they’ve gone and slapped down another one of their painfully cool ‘designed by community’ offerings – this time for the new iPod Nano 5G.

The Kickster is a $14.35 iPod nano case that features a hard shell, cord wrap, and a kickstand that bends outward for use on a tabletop or swings downward to double as a hand grip while using the iPod nano to shoot video footage.

The Quirky.com product description reads thus:

“quirky’s kickster is an awesomely new case designed by the quirky community and apple enthusiasts worldwide within 24 hours of apple’s announcement of the 5th generation iPod nano. The community designed this scratch resistant case for the maximum combination of beauty and function.

This case maintains a slim profile while adding a ton of functionality. We’re talking: hard plastic exterior, cord wrap, shock-resistant silicone core, as well as full body and screen protection.

Oh, but that’s only half of it. This case comes packed with a hand steadying video grip that transforms into vertical and horizontal kickstands.”

Show me a decent case for 15 bucks let alone one that has been so thoroughly thought through.

The site’s taking pre-orders now for the first 300 cases.

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