Qube tents – build your own festival village

qube blueIt will soon be festival season. Unless you’re planning to glamp your way through this year’s summer festivals, having the right tent should be top of the list. The Qube does look awesome.

Even though my trusty Gelert Twister 4-man has served me well since 2009, I am intrigued by the Qube.

The Cambridgeshire-based M2C Innovation Ltd, have recently announced the Qube connected camping tents.

The Qubes are aimed at the festival-going crew or car-camping family that wants a little privacy between rooms.

Pop-up Qubes

These are available in 2, 3 and 4-man varients and, as the name suggests, are cuboid.

qube 2-man tent qube 3-man tent qube 4-man tentWe have all, by now, seen pop-up tents. But not like these.

They set up untraditionally via internal poles that unfold and pop the square shelter into shape.

Social Qube

Once one Qube is up it can be then connected to another via a little corridor.

They fit together at the corners and then campers can walk between the rooms without having to step outside.

qube tents joinedThis way is much cooler than simply getting you and your buddies to circle your tents at a festival.

You can fit them together in a simple formation, as above. Or have four tents linked to a central one. Great for having a shared living area.

[youtube id=”7xKk0-3c88k”]

Black-lined material blocks out light inside. Windows open for ventilation and light.

A word of note though. The Qube isn’t built for hikers, as it weighs about 33 pounds. This is in no doubt due to them being made of a heavy-duty 300-denier nylon and is PU-coated to be waterproof.

I am really tempted now I have a car once again.

Qube price and availability

The company is running an Indiegogo campaign now to raise funds and sell the modular experience to the world.

One of three models, the Qube 2-Man Tent sells for £229.00 (about $280 USD).

The also provide the corridors, lights and solar panels. Luxury!

Check out their website for more details.