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sony mdr-1r

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I have just discovered a new sound experience with Sony’s latest quality range of Headphones.

Whether you are really into pumping bass lines or just enjoy shutting off from the rest of the world whilst travelling about – Sony’s diverse range of headphones are here to accommodate the sound experience for all kinds of listeners. What’s great about all of these headsets is the comfort of use and the quality in the sound. Escape in to your choice of music whilst on the go and let Sony’s headsets cancel out all the noise from the surrounding environment so that you can really be left to drift into your own world. If you are really into your music and want to experience music like the pros then check out Sony’s extra bass and Dj headphones with their MDR-1 headphone range. The quality and comfort of these products makes the sound experience that much more enjoyable and if you want that extra motivation at the gym, Sony’s close-fitting sports range are also available to get you pumped for that work out!

Prestige Headband

If you’re serious about music, enjoy precision audio with comfortable overhead headphones developed in unique creative partnership with Sony Music Entertainment artists and mastering engineers. Amongst this range you’ll find the MDR-1R (above) which, even at the entry-level of this section, offer a top-quality headset that still manage to be portable whilst retaining what you’d expect from more home-based cans. Anywhere Everyday in-ear and over-ear headphones with studio quality sound, comfortable fit and total flexibility.


SonyMDRXB910Image Source: Sony Website

If you want that powerful sound and ultra-low frequency detail, I’d go for the EXTRA BASS or the DJ range for easy movement and monitoring. Sony’s MDR-XB910 Headphones, which lead the company’s range of ‘Extra Bass’ headphones, come with an inline mic and remote control. No doubt with the bass-heavy sound of some of what I’d class as the fashion headphones in mind. The headphones are a closed design, sport 50mm dome drivers and claim a 3Hz to 28,000Hz frequency response. The headphones weigh around 305g and come in a smart aluminium finish with a 1.2m detachable cable which housees the mic and remote.

Prestige In-ear

Precision headphones with supreme full-range sound quality, exceptional sensitivity and high-comfort fit. Here you’ll find the XBA-C10 earphones which feature a balanced armature driver, a 5Hz to 25,000Hz response range, and a tangle-resistant, 1.2-meter cable.



Image Source: Sony Website

Lightweight, shock-absorbing Headphones that stay put for exercising, walking and commuting. The Sony MDR-AS51G Neckband is sweat, splash proof and spray resistant for heavy workout action, meaning that no weather or amount of exercise will compromise performance. These Sony neckband headphones are made from soft flexible material, shaped for a safe and comfortable fit, that won’t fall off during a rigorous workout. For running or working out, this neckband comes with a special cord adjuster resulting in tangle-free wires to provide unhindered activity when you are exercising. The Sony AS51G Headphones contain a 9mm driver that provides up to 100 dB of crisp, dynamic sound that will channel your workout.


Sony MDR-NC8

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Up to 99% noise cancelling headphones for uninterrupted sound wherever you are – whether a plane, train or office environment. The Sony MDR-NC8 noise canceling headphones are built for compact transport and comfort. Made for use on the underground, train, plane or at the office, the MDR-NC8s are designed to reduce ambient noise by up to 90% when the noise canceling circuitry is activated. The noise is reduced by a noise canceling circuit that senses outside noise with built-in microphones and sends an equal but opposite canceling signal to the headphones. The MDR-NC8s boast 30mm drivers with neodymium magnets designed to allow for powerful bass and clear high frequency response. The lightweight (6.0oz), on-ear design aims to allow for comfortable listening over long periods of time. The ergonomically shaped, flexible earpads and the adjustable headband also contribute to a build designed for extended use during leisure and travel.


Lightweight headsets perfect for internet chat or Voice over IP (VoIP) calling, with enhanced features for speech clarity.

Hi-Fi & home entertainment

Sony MDR-DS6500

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Hi-Fi quality sound for home, whether you’re into TV, gaming or music, featuring long battery life and wireless models. The MDR-DS6500 setup offers up a slew of surround sound modes, including Dolby Digital, Sony’s Virtualphones Technology, a 100-meter (330-foot) operating range, and automatic tuning. Sony promises 20 hours of listening for every three hours the things spend on their charging dock.


Bluetooth stereo Headphones for wireless music freedom, hands free calling and remote operation of a mobile or Walkman. Check out the MDR-1RBT. They’re light and comfortable enough to wear all day. You can also expect to get about 50-60 hours of use before you need to recharge these wireless cans. They pump out accurate highs and good, punchy bass, which combine to make vocals sparkle and instruments groove.

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