Qobuz v4.0 music app and Sublime+ now available

qobuz appQobuz users are now able to download, for free, the new Qobuz app for iOS from the App Store with the Android version landing a few weeks later.

Qobuz made its name by being the first to offer the lossless FLAC audio format for streaming.

This new version of its app is a complete recasting of the design and functions of the online music service.

The musical experience makes use of the latest developments in online music for demanding music lovers.

Qobuz music service

The company is looking to reaffirm its commitment to instant download services.

It has redesigned the interface of their web-based music platform. It now integrates richer editorial content and makes more available to mobile users.

The Qobuz app is highly user-focused offering intuitive playlist management and recommendations.

Its internet download site will be updated too. The new version will be available at the end of Summer 2017.

It will offer all musical genres, all labels and all types of audio quality. The accent will be placed on high-end material, with a vast supply of albums in DSD, Binaural, and 5.1-Multi Channel.

Qobuz sublime+Features and functions of v4.0

  • Graphic redesign and optimised interface
  • Hi-Res streaming with the new Sublime+ 24-bit subscription
  • The option of subscribing from the app
  • Importing music for offline listening
  • Non-subscribing instant download customers now have the option of using the app to synchronise and play their downloads straight from the app
  • “Discover” menu with annotated albums
  • Access to hundreds of thousands of digital booklets (Qobuz exclusives)
  • Access to exclusive editorial content
  • New “Qobuz & You” section: user information and equipment test bench
  • A choice of audio quality at any time (320kbps MP3/FLAC 16-bit/44.1 kHz/Hi-Res 24-bit up to 192 kHz), depending on your subscription

Qobuz update

With this update, Qobuz has become even more versatile and mobile. The company goes as far as to claim that “a real musical revolution has been set in motion”.

For the first time, it is possible to listen to 24-bit music, streamed and offline, directly from your smartphone or tablet.

The app is currently available in the 9 countries where it is already present: France, the UK, the Republic of Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg.

Furthermore, Qobuz is looking to offer its services further afield. In fact, it has announced that it will launch its services in Spain, Italy, Poland, the USA and Canada this year.


The latest addition to the Sublime range is another world first from Qobuz.

For the first time ever, Sublime+ offers its subscribers the ability to stream music in real Hi-Res sound”.

qobuz mobileSublime+’s offline feature allows you to download 24-bit files up to 192kHz to listen to without the need for internet connectivity, as many times as you want.

This development will be fully available on all applications including Mac, for PC, for iOS and for Android. It will also appear on all of the company’s compatible partner brands.

This means you will have access to the best possible sound quality whether at home or on the go.

Qobuz claims that the Sublime range is the highest-quality streaming option on the global market.

Free trial

Qobuz is offering a 1-month free trial of its service.

For more information about subscriptions, visit http://qob.uz/offers

Qobuz price and availability

A Qobuz subscription starts at £9.99 per month for Premium and £19.99 for Hi-Fi. The latter adds 16-Bit 44.1 kHz FLAC.

Sublime is £219.99 per year and gives access to 16-Bit 44.1 kHz FLAC, and Hi-Res downloads at a special price.

The new Sublime+ adds i-Res 24-bit FLAC up to 192kHz and unlimited Hi-Res streaming to the bundle at £349.99 per year.

For more information check out the subscription page.