Q1 Ultra HSDPA – Online with Samsung Broadband

Q1 Ultra HSDPASamsung have just released the latest version of their UMPC. 

The Samsung Q1 Ultra HSDPA – Unlike the original Q1 and Q1 Ultra, this new model lets you jump on the interweb anywhere that there is a mobile phone signal.

Samsung calls it ‘Samsung Broadband Access’, but the service is actually provided courtesy of an HSDPA-enabled SIM card which is stowed beneath the battery.  You’ll have to sort yourself out with that SIM card by the way. 

This means the Q1 Ultra works just like any Internet-ready mobile phone, but will reach download speeds of up to 10Mbps which aint too sluggish is it?

The rest of the device is identical to the original Q1 Ultra for better or for worse. The tiny split thumbboard on either side of the 7-inch screen is pretty tricky, the mouse takes some getting used to, and the whole unit is actually quite large and not exactly pocketable in my opinion.

It’s specs run to an 800MHz Intel A110 CPU, 1GB of DDR2 400MHz memory, a 60GB hard drive, Wi-Fi, and an approximate 4-hour battery life.

The biggest drawback is the price: it’ll set you back £849.95 from eXpansys with a T-Mobile Web ‘n’ Walk contract.  How much are those Asus Eee PC’s again?……so £850 divided by £250………you could get 3 Eee Pcs and have change for a load of coffees whilst you and 2 buddies surf away.

via Crave