Pyro Fireshooter – throw balls of fire from your hands

pyroThere are probably more than a few people here who have wondered what it would be like to have super powers – uttering “Flame on!” and being able to fly and shoot balls of flames from your hands, for instance. Well, Pyro can help with the latter.

You don’t need to be a superhero/mutant/sorcerer in order to shoot fire from your hands any more, thanks to the Pyro Handheld Fireshooter.

This very real, very crazy gadget was designed for illusionists, magicians, and other performers – or people like me that still wonders about what it would be like to have super powers.

The Pyro device sits on the underside of your wrists and can hidden by a sleeve, kinda like Spiderman’s webshooters. Pyro is then activated by a remote switch you hide away in your opposite hand, and can be fired up to four times without reloading. This also means that it can be triggered remotely, up to 30 feet away.

handheld fireshooterNeedless to say, you’re probably going to want to read the entire instruction manual before you start throwing flames at everything you see. Probably.

Yours for only $174 – Christmas sorted for the person who already has everything 🙂

Check it out in the video below:
[youtube id=”BNVG0dFaC50″]