Pure White Limited Edition Sony PlayStation 3 Console Bundle Available in UK November 7th

Does your PlayStation 3 reflect the dark, cold winter outside? Looking for something more…. white? Well Sony gaming fans you will soon be able to get yourself a white PS3!

Yep, that’s right PlayStation fans! For the first time in UK history you will be able to grab a Sony PS3 in that most pure of hues.

GameStop has the exclusive and will sell the 320GB Classic White PS3 online thanks to them agreeing a deal with Sony in the UK.

The system will include two white dual-shock controllers and all gamers signing up to the offer will also get a £25 PSN Card and a PS3 Game of their choice the retailer has said.

As ever with these exciting deals you have to get in quick as GameStop says that these shiny white Sony consoles are only available in very limited quantities.

Stay awake and order your White Sony PlayStation 3 for £249.97 from Gamestop.co.uk on midnight, Monday November 7th – TOMORROW!

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