Pure Sensia – The Classic Bond Villains Choice of Media Streamer

pure-sensia-radioPure Digital – those makers of rather good DAB and WiFi radio’s have gone live with a new product portal for its upcoming Sensia.

I’m a huge fan of retro-looking tech when done properly but when you go retro-futurist – now you have my attention!

The Sensia wouldn’t look out of place in the Jetsons, Tomorrow’s World or on the desk of a classic Bond villain.

As well as its cheeky good looks it also is blessed with a 5.7-inch touchscreen (640 x 480).

The Pure Sensia is equipped with DAB and FM tuners not to mention the 802.11g module which will allow you to grab radio streams from the web as well as stream other media from networked PCs / storage.

Other noteworthy bits are the twin 3-inch full-range drivers, an RF remote, optional rechargeable battery and a 3.5 millimeter socket for connecting those “other sources.”

To make the convergence point a little more clearly the lucky owners will be able to tap into a variety of applications such as weather, news or a range of social networking lovliness.

Add it to you Christmas list (only 95 days to go) and it’ll cost Santa £249.99.

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