Pure Pink Turtles – New Microsoft+Sharp Smartphones

motorola-qa1It’s been a tad quiet out there in Microsoft Pink land seeing as the Zune has been capturing most of the headlines.

But – now 9to5Mac of all places claims to have advanced word of what Microsoft Pink actually is……

Apparently Redmond HQ will be busting out a pair of smartphones, with the help of subsidiary – Danger.

This also means that instead of the HTC gear that was originally hinted at the hardware will be thanks to Sharp – Both phones could be branded as “Microsoft+Sharp”.

As you might expect, the two Microsoft Pink phones will take different form factors: one the “Turtle”, will be kinda like the Motorola QA1 pictured and the “Pure” will be more like a regular candybar slider.

These phones are said to debut at CES in January.

Let the rumour-mill continue…….

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