Pure i-20 iPhone / iPod Dock – Hooks up to Your TV and Hi-Fi

The Pure i-20 is yet another iPod/iPhone dock – but please stay as it has more than its good looks to tempt you!

The i-20 lets you hook up your iDevice of choice to your real hi-fi system or radio (if it has inputs) using digital or analogue outputs.

So, instead of relying on some underpowered speakers, you get the benefit of your main speakers kicking out your portable jams.

Pure is putting claim to the i-20 being the only digital iPod dock available that supports all popular analogue video formats (component, S-Video and composite).

When connected via the analogue output, the i-20’s DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) should make things sound better.

As a Billy bonus the Pure i-20 also includes video outputs which means video held on your iPhone or iPod can be splurted all over your big screen TV.

It’s out now and will cost you around £75.

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