Puppy finds your runaway pet with a little help from your friends

puppy-an-invisible-petsitter-for-your-pets-safetyDoes your pooch have a penchant for padding away without warning? Perhaps consider Puppy from BeLuvv?

Puppy is a lost and found tracking device that fits in a pendant on your dog’s collar. The tech talks to a companion smartphone app via Bluetooth LE and alerts you when your pet gets too far away (a distance you can input yourself).

So far, so routine. The difference with the Puppy device is that, should your hound make a break for it and escapes the range of your own Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, you aren’t stuck with zero options for tracking it further. Now you can essentially rights-manage your dog, giving permission to trusted friends and neighbours to help you find it when it ventures further afield.

When your dog goes beyond your network, the idea is that it might enter into the Bluetooth range of the devices of your friends, neighbours and family in the area – handy should your faithful friend have a habit of turning up at your mate’s place. If they’ve been granted permission, those contacts will get pinged on their phone when it picks up the Bluetooth LE signal put out by the Puppy tracker. This way, your connections can call or text you and let you know that your wayward mutt has just gallumphed past and hopefully you can cut them off at the next pass.

Puppy doesn’t have GPS or RFID onboard, which could make it harder to find it once it’s lost, but the idea here is to provide a convenient, cheap (it retails for $29.95) and small way to keep track of your pet and alert you before you get into a situation where you have to trek all over the city tracking them down.

Puppy is available for pre-order right now, but it’s going to ship a first batch of devices on February 21st, the company says.

Check out the video below – stick with it past the tear-inducing start as it has a happy ending 😉

[youtube id=”6gD6xBRkugQ”]

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