Punk and Lizard join GadgetyNews to review PS Vita games

Punk and Lizard join GadgetyNews to review PS Vita gamesDo you own a PlayStation Vita? Would you like to be able to read reviews and news about Vita games on GadgetyNews? Well, you will be able to soon!

Ok, so we all bought the PS Vita to play and experience big time games on the hand held. We don’t want mini’s, iPhone cast offs or 73p games. We all have those on our smartphones.

We want solid gameplay, lasting appeal and graphics that would even impress the cat. We want “this day job is getting in the way” type of games. We want games designed exclusively for the Playstation Vita, with stories and character’s that we can’t get on the PS3.

Finally, the Vita’s new breed of Nov 2012 releases are trickling on to the Playstation store and at last, we are the lucky ones!

In the last month alone we’ve had exclusives for Assassin’s Creed, Call Of Duty, Silent Hill and amazing racing games in Need For Speed: Most Wanted and WRC3. The future is exciting for the PS Vita.

GadgetyNews is proud to have not one, but two, experienced gamers in blondlizard and S_M_Punk who will be covering all things Vita.

They’ll be reviewing the latest releases, as well as some classic PSone and PSP games that deserve a mention, whilst also giving you updates on what’s to come.

Keep hopping back here for the latest PS Vita reviews from Punk and Lizard!

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