Punk and Lizard interview the world’s No.1 PSN gamer – Roughdawg4


At the weekend we had the privilege of hooking up with the world’s No.1 PS3 trophy leader board champion Roughdawg4. Read the full story here about Roughdawg4, the rise to the top and what games a true gamer plays.

What was the first console you plugged into your TV?
First console I plugged in was Atari and I believe the game was Empire Strikes Back. Takes me back to much simpler times 🙂

Which of the early games you played do you still have fond memories of?
Earliest games that I found were Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior for the Nintendo. That got me hooked on RPG’s for the rest of my life.

How long has Roughdawg4 been top 5 in the world?
Not very long at all. I would probably say its only been 6-8 months. We initially got in the top 5 by default since at the time, some of the top trophy hunters were hacking 🙂

How many platinum’s has Roughdawg4 got at present?
Currently 452 platinums. Just got Assassin’s Creed 3 yesterday, that game was tons of fun 🙂

Do you keep an eye on other leading gamers around the world on PSNProfiles?
Yeah I check in time to time but it doesn’t bother me if I am 1 or 100. Honestly, what rank you are in the world is really out of your control. You never want where you are to dictate what games you will play, it will drive you crazy.

Once you platinum a game what happens to this game, are they kept or sold on, there must be many of them lol!
I am a subscriber to Gamefly and that definitely helps saving on games. I rarely buy games anymore, unless it is something I really like or it is a good deal. I probably only own 50 games which isn’t that much or maybe it is LOL.

There are so many walkthroughs etc. on the net now, do you just dive straight into a game or is there trophy planning involved?
Most of the time, I like looking at guides for missable trophies. If something is missable I would like to know what it is to prevent unneccessary playthroughs. Other than that I usually wing it which has gotten me in trouble a few times. On some games I could have finished in one playthrough but it has taken me two because I didn’t look to see trophies that needed to be achieved at the highest difficulty setting.

Has there ever been a time when you’ve just given up on getting a platinum? If so, which game and was it due to the gaming being too hard, dull, crazy game play or a glitch?
Although my account isn’t 100%, I am at 97% currently and I like getting 100% in games when possible. One game that was really easy frustrated me to the ends of the earth and that was that stupid Phineas and Ferb game. I did 4 playthroughs in the game and could never get the max upgrades trophy. I would somehow always miss 1 chip and it really pissed me off. The fact that the game has a plat rate of 50% drove me even more mad 🙁

If you were not part of the world’s elite gamers would you spend a little longer on each game before moving on to the next new release?
I usually 100% games so I tend to stay on games until they are finished. I do not like leaving games unfinished, I always like to see a game through.

The PS Vita was released in Feb 2012, was the Vita bought on release day and did this instantly up your trophy count?
I did not initially buy it. I just bought mine about 4-5 months ago. Yes it certainly has padded my trophy count especially with the instant trophy pops from Stardone, Motorstorm RC, etc. Free trophies are always fun 🙂

What were your first impressions of games like Wipeout 2048 and Uncharted on the PS Vita?
I never played Wipeout but Uncharted was a fun game. I enjoyed the swipe boss battles; it was a nice and different experience to the game.

Are there any PS3 games you would like to see hit the Vita?
Nothing in particular. I actually do not play the vita that much. If I had the choice of playing the PS3 or PSVita I want my ps3. Call me crazy but I would rather play on my 50? than a 5?.

Generally are the PS Vita games any easier to platinum than the PS3 games?
Not for me they aren’t. For most people I think it would be but I have never worked well with handheld games, I just enjoy them when you are waiting somewhere.

Do you add PSN friends?
Not usually. Most of the time my friends list is maxed out. 100 isn’t really a lot when you play a lot of games.

Punk’s quick fire round….
Top driving game?
Need for Speed Most Wanted
Top Shoot’em up?
Top action adventure?
Batman Arkham Aslyum
Top RPG?
FF13 or Demon Souls. Tough Choice to make.
Hardest game to platinum?
FEAR 2 Origins
Most fun game to platinum?
The last game you played today?
Cabela’s Dangerous Hunter 2013
Favourite American food?
Loaded Meat Pizza

A real big thanks to Roughdawg4 for taking the time out to do this interview – a real star and super nice gamer.

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