Puma Phone Jogging to the UK This Month

Yup, the solar powered sportster from Puma is heading to the UK.

If you recall, the Puma Phone has a 2.8in screen and is designed to be used one handed – I’m guessing that leaves your other hand free to hold a bottle of isotonic refreshment or a relay batton.

The obvious thing you’ll notice is that the rear of the Puma Phone is covered by a solar panel. Puma says that an hour in the sunshine will give you an extra hour of chatting to your lifestyle coach.

As the freakishly sunny weather is not the norm here in Blighty you may be relieved to know that a full battery will give you 5 hours of talktime, 350 hours of standby and up to 140 minutes of video calls.

The PP (heheh!) is equipped with a 3.2MP camera that can geotag your sporty snaps paired with a LED flash. There’s also a VGA camera for video calls.

As Puma are hoping that this will be bought by healthy, sports fans, the phone will grab the latest sports news from Puma World. It also sports (heh!) a built-in GPS tracker, pedometer and stopwatch so you can store your best times and remember which routes you took – that would be all the downhill ones if it was me 😉

Other bits and bobs include a music player, FM radio and it has Bluetooth.

The Puma Phone should start appearing on a variety of networks soonish but if you can’t wait you can get an unlocked one for €399 direct from the Puma Store.

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