Puma and Sagem to out a Sporty Little Phone at MWC

Fashion phones don’t usually get my juices going.

They are what they are – a fashion statement first and a gadget second…. or even third.

So, when I heard that the result of a Puma and Sagem love-in was set to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress next week a whole lot of ‘meh’ hit me.

Since visiting the site though – it’s all gone a bit weird.

The site is light on details about the phone but it is heavy on oddness.

The phone will likely be an Android blower with fingerprint ID and, judging by the pic, a solar-powered jobby. I’d expect it to have a pulse/heart rate monitor, perhaps a pedometer and some circuit training things – you know, like the Nike +.

On that site there’s the countdown to the day of Sagem’s Mobile World Congress press conference but there’s also a selection of bonkers videos of animals that have apparently inspired the creators.

What are you expecting from this sports-phone?


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