pulpTunes Freeware – Access and Share Your Complete iTunes Library From Anywhere

screenshot_tiltedI’ve just been prodded in the direction of pulpTunes – thanks Sean!

Having an iPod or iPhone is great but, if like me, you have over a years worth of constant music on your hard drive at home there’s no way you can have your iTunes collection with you everywhere – unless you have a potent laptop and/or portable HDD.

The easiest solution to accessing that music from your office, at a friend’s party, or just to share your tunes with anyone anywhere in the world seems to be installing pulpTunes.

pulpTunes is a free open source program which allows you to stream your iTunes library across the Internet from any browser.

You can either install it to a remote server or onto your own computer.

It plays nice with Macs and PC’s and has both Windows and Linux support.

  • Supports MP3 and AAC (M4A) files

  • Download songs with a right-click

  • Displays cover art if found

  • Generate direct links to songs or playlists to send to your friends

  • iTunes DJ integration (formerly called Party Shuffle)

  • Adjustable buffer level: useful for slow connections

  • 100% Open Source: malware-free guaranteed

I think this sounds a fabby idea and when I get home I’m gonna add that little orange icon to my puter

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