Psyko 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headphones

psykoNow, looking at these headphones from Psyko Audio I can tell that these aren’t for the daily commute – unless you’re one of those irritating people on the tube that insist in sharing their crappy, tinny selection of tunes with everyone in the carriage!

So, what is this thing all about?

Well, most of us enjoy that surround sound vibe and this is the headgear version of 5.1.

As you can see by the second diagram Psyko places the speakers in precise locations apparently to create the correct timing and volume differences to both ears just like sounds in a room around you.

Yup, they’re recreating a room around your head with a stack of speakers wherever they can fit them.


There are little “waveguides” that will some-how direct all the front sounds to flow past the front of your ears, and all the rear sounds to flow past the rear of your ears.

They also let you choose whether you want closed or vented ear cups and they tout the comfort of the headset but I can’t help but think that all those speakers are going to add some bulk.

They cost $300 which is steep for a set of cans but if you were looking to buy a 5.1 system and have no friends to share the audio with then they may just be worth it.

Looking at the testimonials there’s a bunch of gamers that seem to like them and judging by the mic I’m guessing that’s who these things are aimed at.