Pssst! Want to Know When the iPhone 5 will be released and see Some Sexy Pictures?

Ah – more Apple iPhone 5 rumours and this one is when we’ll all be able to see what the iPhone 5 will be like, in the flesh.

The release date for the iPhone 5 has, somehow, come to be known by the China Times. Ask no questions, be told no lies 😉

CT is saying that Apples much lusted after next-gen handset will launch on the second week of September. Well – not a huge shock or surprise there really as dates have been ranging from mid-August to mid-September for a while. Apple themselves have even mentioned a September release for crying out loud!

But hey, it’s an iPhone rumour and I know that you all love iPhone rumours.

More importantly I have been sent a link to these rather lovely pictures from DesignedbyItem.

I’d grip one of these for sure – but I wonder if it’ll be available in white on release day? 😉

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