PSP2 Pictures – PlayStation Phone?


This could well be what the PlayStation Phone, Zeus or Xperia Play could look like.

Notice the ‘could’ part there?

Unfortunately these images are not from Sony but are in fact mock-ups of an image that claims to be of a real PSP2!

These pics formed part of a recent news article in PSM3 magazine, speculating on both the PSP2 and (still unofficial) PlayStation Phone.

The clever artists took the research material of blurry, x-rayified pics first published on VG247 and used them as a basis for these rather tasty images.

As well as seeing how sleek this handset could be notice that the PSP2/PSPhone is rocking a pair of thumbsticks? I also notice what looks to be a Walkman-type logo configuration on the top-right of the image.  Nice touches eh?

I shall leave you now to drool 🙂

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