PSP to get direct game downloads

Downloading games and other features direct to the Sony handheld gadget has always been thought likely due to it’s Wi-Fi enabled browser capabilities and now it looks like the possibility is drawing even closer.  The exitement and expectation has increased since Eric Lempel, the PlayStation director of network operations (in charge of the newly launched PSP PC store) was published online admitting that direct downloads to the PSP was

 “clearly something the company was looking at”.

He went on to say:

“With the capability of the PSP it’s something that should be possible … It’s just a matter of priorities and some technology that we need to make it all work right and make sure the content is delivered securely, just to protect some of our [intellectual properties]”.

Although there were no exact details as to when this will happen or whether this was just a goal in the far distant future it sure is something that PSP owners such as myself would welcome with open hand-helds.

Sourced from the great Pocket Lint