PSP Phone Soon – Will Be Sony With No Ericsson.

PSP PhoneIt’s been, ooooooooo, days since I’ve mentioned the much hinted PlayStation branded mobile phone.

This latest whisper is even juicier though!

Apart from another “PSP phone is being readied for launch” rumour word is that Sony will be flying solo for the device leaving Ericsson out of it all.

Marketing Week has reported that sources in Japan and Korea say Sony is working on “converting” the current PSP model into a phone, and that it could hit the shelves in time for Christmas 2009.

This would move the PSP on from it’s current VoIP phone via Wi-Fi to become a fully blown, er, blower.

This report makes it sound like the new device would be a PSP with full mobile connectivity and not just a PSP branded handset.

It does sound like all is not well in the gadget marriage as Sony is reluctant to share any more toys with Ericsson.

Sony is said to have learned from its “strategic error” of giving its Walkman name to Sony Ericsson and that Sony would “never” give its PlayStation branding to the Sony Ericsson joint venture.

 Now, now.  Play nice kids!!  Sheeeesh!

The upside is that could we finally see a PSP Phone?????

Via – MarketingWeek