PSP 2 With Touchscreen, Bluetooth and 3G?

psp2There’s a new PSP incoming!

And we’re not talking a PSP 4000 to replace the 3000 – we’re talking a whole new beast (apparently).

 “Credible sources” are being cited as saying that the next gen Sony PSP will pack a touchscreen, as well as other goodies.

Despite Sony’s denials, it seems that the evidence is building up.

These latest rumours concern a PSP rockin a widescreen multi-touch interface.

I’m guessing that the trad controls will stay but there doesn’t seem to be a mention of this – I’m just thinking backwards compatability with the existing titles.

Yeah, I know – I’m so retro!

The rumours come not long after a Sony survey was leaked to PSPFanboy which asked for gamer’s opinions on such features as Bluetooth networking, GPS, PS3-PSP file transfers and.. a touch screen interface.

No idea (of course) when any of this will happen……..

For now though Sony seems quite content to spray paint their existing handhelds with four new ‘carnival’ colour schemes.