PS4 and PS Vita highlights from Eurogamer 2013 [videos]

Eurogamer-Expo-logoThe UK’s biggest gaming convention Eurogamer hit Earls Court, London this week and we were right in the middle of it all getting a true taste of what it is to experience Eurogamer.

The main attraction this year was undoubtedly the PS4. Sony really had this covered, taking centre stage with a whole host of soon to be released titles all there to be played. We got straight to business and hit the PS4. First stop? DRIVECLUB. With the futuristic PS4 controller in hand, it was our turn on this awesome title that everyone’s talking about. DRIVECLUB is knockout stunning and the realism is breathtakingly real. There were hoards of gamers watching over people’s shoulders to get a better view which just added to the excitement. Playing this in our living room on Nov 29th can’t come soon enough. We could have happily set up shop here for the 4 days, but there was so much more to see…

[youtube id=”s4b2ffstNnU”]
If you thought games could not get any more gorgeous, then Resogun will leap out and side swipe you off your feet. Imagine the PS Vita’s Stardust Delta given a 100,000 volt shock up its rear end. Resogun comes with more explosions than the Star Wars trilogy. Check out some footage below.

[youtube id=”JAQnRohwAHE”]
Next up was Knack, again another launch day title. The beautiful Knack created a buzz on the floor – playing as a rampaging monster three feet tall got everyone glued to the screens. It’s a cartoonish and endearing title coming our way soon, so hang in there!

[youtube id=”vTWxRkcBvyc”]
PS4 racers The Crew and Need for Speed: Rivals blew us away. Rivals is an upcoming racer set in an open world environment. The Crew on the other hand is a street-racer where you can drive from LA to New York. Both are fast, loud and absolutely beautiful. Look out for us getting told off for filming NFS Rivals too, oops!

[youtube id=”A-wfz6_KtnU”]
[youtube id=”bXxft-r0C9Q”]
The PS Vita was represented, but we feel that maybe a little more more could have been done to entice gamers in. That being said, Tearaway had their corner covered with beautiful artwork and rows of Vita’s on offer. Such a charming game.

We also hugely enjoyed Terraria, Super Exploding Zoo and FEZ. There has been a huge emphasis on indie gaming where the Vita’s concerned and these games really are excellent additions to an already impressive roster of indie games.

Those who follow us on Twitter (@PunkandLizard) would of seen us posting small Vine videos of all these games throughout the Expo. If you missed them, either check out our Twitter or head to our Vine.

As much as we loved these games, for us, it was FuturLab who stole the Vita show with an incredible stand. Artwork from Velocity 2X was designed by Jack Hamilton, Callum Roberts and lead designer Chris Goff and it truly gave gamers a preview of the power and detail FuturLab possess. Velocity 2X is going to be huge – a game every gamer should own. FuturLab having their staff on hand at the booth really added a personal touch to the Velocity experience. We had the great pleasure of spending time with James Marsden and he kindly took time out to do an interview which we will be posting next week.

Eurogamer QABatman: Arkham Origins Blackgate looked just as dark and moody as PS3?s Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. It fully utilises the Vita controls and everything about this game screams that it’s a must buy. See for yourself here as Lizard smacks his way through the first opening level:

[youtube id=”ZxHn0-OfsgM”]

Switch Galaxy Ultra is blasting its way to PS Vita and PS4 in January, so meeting Gary CEO of Atomicom was a real treat. This is another release we are super excited for as we have been following this one closely. Often referred to as one of the best PS Mobile games, Switch Galaxy Ultra is taking huge steps up and we can’t wait to see the results.

We also had the pleasure of hooking up with Phil Gaskell and Leo Cubbin from Ripstone. Being big fans of Ripstone, it was really cool to meet them personally. Their next release Stick It To the Man had us glued to the Vita. Along with their PR experts Michelle and Ami, Ripstone truly are an exciting UK developer.

Skateboarding mayhem was provided by the guys from Roll7. OlliOlli is a truly great release heading to the Vita. Tom from Roll7 showed us some pretty awesome new developments and levels that they have been working on since our last playthrough in August. OlliOlli is really looking bigger and better than before. We tried to prise a release date out of them but the guys are keeping tight lipped. Next time we meet though we will be armed with thumb screws. OlliOlli is a game that will set your fingers on fire, and you’re going to love it. Check out the latest footage with Tom giving us a guided tour of the new levels and features:

[youtube id=”sD5rGLnx3ek”]
Team17’s Worms Revolution Extreme was there also and we got a quick playthrough. The game has a whooping 72 levels and hits the PSN Store Oct 9th. We can’t wait!

It would have been nearly impossible to mention everything else, the only way to experience Eurogamer is to attend yourself. We had an absolute blast and it was amazing to be with 10,000 other gamers under one roof. There is an incredible amount of UK games developers making huge waves in PS4 and PS Vita gaming at the moment. It’s truly an exciting time to be involved, so next year get in line early and experience the UK’s biggest gaming convention – Eurogamer 2014 here we come!

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