PS Vita 3G Gets Official UK Pricing

PS Vita 3GVodafone has released its prices for the PS Vita ahead of its February 22nd UK launch date.

The PlayStation Vita will land in two flavours: WiFi only and 3G.

The one packing a 3G SIM would be the Vita to get in my humble opinion and so that’s the one I’m going to focus on here. Well, it does give you out-and-about access to the PSN Store as well as Google Maps 😉

The 3G equipped model will be available via Vodafone and they’ll kindly sling in a Pay as you go SIM.

Every time you top up the SIM with £5 of credit, Vodafone will give you 250mb of data which is good for a month.

The 3G PS Vita will cost you £279 bundled with a 4GB memory card.

The added bonus is that your first top up will get you a free copy of WipEout 2048!

The PS Vita is equipped with a 5-inch OLED multitouch display, twin analog sticks, Bluetooth, WiFi and a rear-mounted trackpad.

Under the hood is a quadcore ARM Cortex-A9 processor, and Sony’s own NEAR location-based gaming app.

So, £279 and a fiver a top up – too much? About right?

Let me know below 🙂

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