New PS4 DualShock 4 joypads, colourful with silly names

dualshock4 wave blueAre you bored of your black console and black controllers? Do you yearn for more colourful gaming? Well, you’re in luck as Sony has just taken the wraps off its new DualShock 4s.

Sony’s new colour variants of the DualShock 4 controller is, well, eye-catching.

I’m not sure which side of the fence I am yet but I am sure there’ll be some of you that think they’re great and others that will point and laugh at them.

The new sticks come in two-tone black and red or black and blue colour schemes.

sony wave blue and magma red dualshock

If you do dig their looks chances are that you’ll probably hate the dodgy names: Magma Read and Wave Blue.

If you’re fancying getting some colour in to your game then the new DualShock 4s will be exchanged for £54.

Will you be purchasing?

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