Prynt Pocket for Android – instant photos with added magic

Prynt Pocket AR photo appPrynt has been in touch regarding their next-generation instant camera. The Prynt Pocket for Android smartphones looks pretty neat.

Prynt Pocket transforms your smartphone into the smallest instant camera on the market today.

The ultra-portable snapper attaches directly to your phone easily. Then, in seconds, you have an instant camera that lets you capture, print, and share life’s moments.

Augmented reality built in to snaps

Through the Prynt app, you have the option to embed videos into your photos. This is perhaps the coolest thing.

Using the Prynt app, hold up your snaps and bring them to life in a Harry Potter-esque stylee.
[youtube id=”cZpvA1ZgG0o”]

Demand for Prynt Pocket

Prynt Pocket AR photo appAfter a successful first run on the crowdfunding platform in 2014, Prynt surpassed their funding goal by raising over $1 million. This enabled them to bring their first version product, the Prynt Case, to iOS devices.

In May 2017, the hardware company released a second more portable and compatible version, the Prynt Pocket.

The original iOS version did really well. Apparently, the feedback from users wanting a Prynt Pocket for Android was so great that is what they’ve done.


CEO and co-founder, Clement Perrot said:

Our mission has always been to help people share their everyday moments in a unique and innovative way. With this new campaign, we aim to engage the Android community and bring instant photo story-telling to more users – making printing photos and sharing moments as exciting as posting a photo on Instagram or Snapchat.”

Price and availability

The Prynt for Android Kickstarter campaign launched on October 25.

The Prynt Pocket for Android costs from a Super Early Bird $59 US pledge.