Prototype iPad Sold on eBay – Proves Landscape Dock Connector Considered

ipad 2 dock prototypeHow much would you spend on an old iPad? £50? £150? £350? How about £6,500? Well, that’s how much this dual dock-sporting prototype iPad went for – and it doesn’t even work!

The proto-pad went under the hammer on eBay and the interesting thing is that it’s proof positive that Apple seriously considered equipping the iPad with a second dock connector in the side for landscape docking. Imagine, being able to dock your tablet and still watch movies or play with apps in widescreen while your iPad charges.

The $10,200 prototype iPad is estimated to have been built “sometime around late 2009 or early 2010” with the seller stating how Apple came up with the idea for a second connector “late in the process”, and then backtracked “at the last minute”.

The bidding was fiercely fought by 23 bidders over the refurbished prototype.

The costly iPad is running a beta version of iOS 3.2 and Apple’s testing software SwitchBoard, which includes apps called Rumble and Soundwave — complete with Transformers-themed icons — as well as a dialler test app called Skank Phone.

The touchscreen doesn’t work properly because it’s missing the bit the detects your prods, pokes and flicks. The good news is that, after forking out over $10k they’ll be able to get the digitizer for a few dollars.

Apple’s trademark connector has seen plenty of companies offering add-ons, docks and adaptors and these same people are no doubt keeping an eye on the news since reports of Apple considering a smaller connector on future iPads and iPhones.

Watch this space 😉

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