Protect yourself against Riots, Zombies or just dress like James Bond – MoD Selling Spy Gear

The crunch seems to be hitting everyone – not even the Ministry of Defence is immune from cost-cutting exercises.  The items are being sold as the MoD tries to reduce a £36 billion “black hole” that the National Audit Office has warned will expand over the coming decade, due to purchasing commitments and a frozen budget.

The good thing about that though is that the MoD is auctioning off a number of things so that you can fulfil your OO7 fantasies including cars tweaked by the real Q and battle-hardened tech – even a jet fighter!

Rigid Raiding Craft MK111 complete with trailer – £6,960

The ideal craft for protecting your fleet or for sneaking on to the private island of your foe. Powered by a Yamaha ME 421 diesel inboard engine which provides this raider with 245hp. A snip at £7k including a trailer to hitch it up to your…

Armoured Jaguar XJ – £12,000-£25,000

If you’re going to be a spy you need more than your average sportscar. This Jag is equipped to get you out of trouble in no time – with a 0-60 of 9.4secs your survival chances are further enhanced by ballistic protection, blast protection that can handle 15kg of TNT, underfloor grenade protection all whilst maintaining the luxury of the standard big cat. You get softgrain leather and hand-crafted veneers and rear passengers are spoilt with a metre of legroom.

Saxon 4×4 Armoured Personnel Carrier £25,000

Facing baldies with a penchant for fluffy white felines is one thing – the reanimated dead and Lonodon riots are very much another matter. The MoD classes the Saxon (not the Barnsley rockers) as a “battlefield taxi” – think more a heavily armoured van. The mine-proof lorry has roof-mounted searchlights, a barricade removal device and an anti-wire device. This beauty has seen action with the UN in Bosnia and with British troops in Afghanistan. Its brethren are also utilised by the Hong Kong Police Tactical Unit so getting to the Peckham McDonalds drive-thru should suddenly become less daunting.

Vanguard 3, 54 seater – £19,500

Use the Saxon to clear the way and have this 54 seater coach follow to ferry your fellow survivors of the apocalypse. The Vanguard is fitted with a 6 Speed gear box, Raise / Lower air suspension so that the injured can limp on board and overhead storage racks for supplies and weapons. You also get curtains, lights and blowers for your passengers comfort. This vehicle also features up and over ‘Ambulance’ rear doors so that you can sling your stretchered buddies onto this sharrabang from hell.

Maurice Lacroix Miros Coussin Chronograph

Bond loves his Omega’s but you’ll definitely feel the part with this Maurice Lacroix timepiece. Classic looks abound with its leather strap and square face. The watches counter can be set for anything from 30 seconds to 10 hours (so that’s fuses, boiled eggs and nuclear warhead detonations taken care of). The Miros Coussin is also equipped with a large date window at the 12 position and a sapphire crystal cover which should shrug off most knocks. If you have to do a spot of swimming you’ll be glad to know that it’s also waterproof to 50m.

Christian Dior Christal Ladies Watch

As an equal opportunity gadget site the feminine agent also needs to look sharp and a G-shock just aint going to cut it at a Monaco roulette table, no matter how hot you look in your cocktail dress. This Christian Dior Cristal Ladies Watch features 48 diamonds set around a black lacquered dial. Diamonds are forever after all.

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