ProofVision announces first sub-£2k outdoor TV

Proofvision OutdoorTVLondon-based ProofVision has been synonymous with high value outdoor viewing systems. Now they have disrupted the outdoor TV market with their latest offering, the 43-inch outdoor television.

The ProofVision 43-inch Outdoor Lifestyle TV is the first to enable consumers and businesses to install an outside TV that’s affordable.

In fact, the company’s newest model is 50% cheaper than both the industry standard and the competition.

Unhindred HQ viewing

Proofvision OutdoorTVThe new telly is three times brighter than a laptop screen and twice as bright as the standard household TV. This new outdoor TV results in viewing that remains undisturbed even in direct sunlight. Pretty much a prerequisite for an outside television.

Furthermore, the model features self-adjusting to combat the ever changing glare thanks to the Sun’s constant game of hide and seek.

Proofvision OutdoorTVAdditionally, this latest TV is fully water resistant. Moreover, it has a IP66 Rated aluminium heat dispersion technology incorporated. This enables the set to function between -20 to 60 Celsius.

So, it’s all set for safe and continued quality outside viewing any day of the year, irrespective of season.


The 43-incher sports a super thin bezel. This full HD 1080p set measures a 67mm depth. So, you get an amazing outdoor telly that retains the streamlined design of an indoor one, but is able to handle the elements. It’s truly a showcase of function meets finesse.

More information

Other than the ‘under £2,000’ price, more information can be had from the ProofVision website.