PROMiXX gym supplement mixer + upgrade kit review

PROMiXX Original with upgrade kit


Build quality




Ease of use







  • Smoothest shakes I've mixed
  • Doesn't leak even when pre-blended
  • Quiet and powerful motor
  • Premium quality look and feel
  • USB recharging and long battery life


  • NUTRiPOD doesn't allow drinking

promixx 2.0 mixer reviewPROMiXX has gained its name through reinventing the sports shaker with their original vortex mixer. Now they look to build on that rep with the MiiXR and PROMiXX 2.0.

We brought you news of the MiiXR last month. Whilst we are waiting for our review sample, the good folks over at PROMiXX have sent us the original mixer with upgrade kit to check out.

It has been more than a decade since I’ve stepped inside a gym so my good friend Syed has taken the PROMiXX vortex mixer for a workout.

PROMiXX review

Like most of the people at my gym, I use a standard supplement shaker for my pre- and post-workout drinks.

This is basically a plastic flask with a metal globe inside. It does the job, more-or-less. Is the PROMiXX any better?

PROMiXX design

Starting right from when I was handed the PROMiXX I knew this was something different. Upon opening the box I was faced with unusually impressive quality packaging for this type of product.

Getting the mixer out I could tell it had excellent build quality with a real premium feel for a protein shaker. It looks and feels very durable.

Inside the mixer is the scientifically engineered X-shaped blunt blade. This has been designed to preserve the integrity of the nutrients.

Regular bottled shakers can damage and destroy the delicate nutrients within your supplements. The X blade blends the powder so that it can merge properly with the liquid.

promixx 2.0It has a 600ml total capacity with measuring scale. Its ideal fill capacity is 250-450ml.

The anti-slip base is really handy, especially when placed on a smooth surface with the motor on.

The original PROMiXX takes AAA batteries in the base but the upgrade kit takes it to USB charging through lithium ion batteries. It also packs a 16,000rpm high torque motor,

The upgrade also features a NUTRiPOD. This can hold up to 100g of your chosen supplement so that you can take your powder on the go.

PROMiXX performance

One of the most dangerous parts of this test was putting a blended shake in my bag before heading to work. I am relieved to report that the PROMiXX does not leak.

The USB charging is brilliant. The battery life is great too. I’ve used this for over one and half weeks and it’s still going.

I do like the NUTRiPOD as it is very handy for keeping a top up of protein powder or vitamins/pills. It saves having to carry another box. Although, as it attaches to the lid of the shaker, when you have this on then you can’t drink out of it. It’s not really a big deal as this can easily be taken off, but it would be useful if the compartment was re-designed so that there’s enough space for the shake to get through.

Original PROMiXX MixingThe motor is really quiet when mixing protein with water and/or milk. It does get a little louder when mixing thinner drinks such as BCAAs. I usually try to avoid mixing shakes in the office when using normal conventional shakers with the spring ball due to the noise it can make (and the stares) so this is definitely a plus.

It mixes brilliantly with different types of protein (whey and casein) with milk or water. Even with two large scoops of protein powder it mixes very well provided that enough water/milk is added.

promixx 2.0 mixer reviewI often have problems with protein powder getting stuck to the inner rim when using 2 scoops in other shakers, so the PROMiXX definitely reduces wastage (and in turn saves you money), provided that you add enough liquid. I’ve even used it to mix eggs and it did this without any problems.

The self-clean feature is handy, especially when running the mixer under a running tap with the motor on. I have washed it by hand a couple of times and it is easier to clean despite the mixing forks being there.

PROMiXX review conclusion

The PROMiXX definitely produces the smoothest shakes I’ve ever had.

Yes, it is pricey compared to your standard shakers but, then again, you don’t get the same smoothness and the above plus points.

They say they’ve made improvements with the 2.0 and the MiiXR – I can’t wait to try them. In the meantime, I can really recommend the PROMiXX Vortex Mixer.

PROMiXX Vortex Mixer price and availability

The PROMiXX Original is £18.99 and the upgrade kit including the USB charging and NUTRiPOD is another £16.99. So, that’s just shy of £36 all in.