Project Scorpio listed on

Project Scorpio Xbox E3 2016 MicrosoftProject Scorpio has been listed on Amazon so it’s full steam ahead!

Microsoft’s next gen Xbox has been listed on There it states that the console will be a true 4K console, with hi-fidelity VR. It also says that it will offer full Xbox One backwards compatibility.

Naturally, this listing doesn’t get deep in to the nitty gritty regarding specs.

I suppose we have all assumed that Microsoft’s new console would support VR – but at least that’s confirmed.

What it does reveal is that Microsoft is still aiming for a “holiday 2017” release time-frame.

project scorpioThat release date does hint that launch time should be before mid-November. That’s in order to take full advantage of pre-Christmas sales.

Project Scorpio specs

project scorpio detailsThe Xbox One will be using an 8-core CPU like the Xbox One. This will be dishing out 320GB/s of memory bandwidth.

This suggests that the new Xbox will be using a wider memory bus and faster GDDR5 or GDDR5X memory. The PS4 Pro has 218.8GB/s of memory bandwidth, giving Project Scorpio a huge performance advantage here.

xbox project scorpio chipsetThe shot above also mentions that it will feature a 6TFLOP GPU. Again, a significant improvement over the PS4 Pro’s 4.12TFLOP offering.

This will make Project Scorpio over 4.5x more powerful than the Xbox One in terms of GPU horsepower.

[youtube id=”k9zIvjH3S54″]

Project Scorpio announcement

Eurogamer has announced that Digital Foundry will be revealing Microsoft’s Xbox One Project Scorpio this week.

This will take place on Thursday (tomorrow) at 2pm here in the UK (6am Pacific time).