Project Natal Looking to be Not as Cheap as Promised

Well, so much for the el-cheapo price we were promised for the Natal if Game in Sweden is anything to go by.

Swedish retailers are listing Natal for 1,499 SEK which is around £133 in Sterling. That rough translation also brings the cost to almost three times as much as the Natal price promise: No more than £50!

Fair enough – Scandinavia is traditionally more expensive than the UK (a friend’s stag do there nearly cleared out my bank!) but the prices of games, etc aint that large. Alan Wake will hit you for 599 SEK (which is around £53) where it will cost £39 here. Taking that into consideration if the Swedish Natal prices are correct and not merely holding prices it would mean that we can expect to have to pay at least £100 for the peripheral.

A Microsoft exec confirmed an October Natal UK release date last week and there’s a massive Natal launch event at E3 next month – that’s when all this will probably get ironed out 🙂

Here’s hoping that it comes bundled with an XBox Slim 😉

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