Project Inkwell Spark – Funky New OLPC

There’s more than one player in the OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) game.

Here comes Project Inkwell, their colourful Spark PC and their goal to “increase the size and effectiveness of the K-12 education technology market by managing the synthesis of functional specifications for a ubiquitous computing platform”………..


Aimed at the under-12 market (and probably will be bought by hip young thangs), the Spark is a working concept, offering everything for the mobile net addict in a package around the size of a PSP.

There’s a zipped pocket designed for a spare battery and even a Bluetooth wireless mouse.

It includes a folding-out, hyper slim keyboard, scrolling switch to help you read stuff on that skinny screen, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

The main thing is that it’s gonna have to be able to take some playground style bullying and occassionally being used as a football or at least one of the goal posts!!! 

No news of a price or official launch just yet.

In theory it shouldn’t cost much and be out in time for the new term.

Tuvie (via Coolest Gadgets)