Project Cars 2 gets weather wise, new teaser

project cars 2 rainOn those rare moments I have some free time (Ha! yeah right!) anyone linked to me on Steam may spot that one of my go-to games is Project Cars. So, it’s with great excitement that I can announce that there’s a new trailer for Project Cars 2!

Project Cars has been a favourite of mine since its release. Even though I don’t get as much time in-game as I’d like, I still rate it as one of, if not the best, racing sims.

It did concern me a little when Slightly Mad announced the sequel in 2015, only six weeks after launching the first game. At that point, to be honest, there still bits to iron out of the first version.

Since then, thankfully, they’ve released a great many patches, along with add-ons aplenty.

project cars 2 merc in snowIt appears that the weather will play a greater role in Project Cars 2.

Always take the weather

According to the official site,

Barometric pressure, ambient & track temperature, height above sea level, weather, wind, and time of day all have a direct influence over engine performance, aerodynamics, cooling from the radiator, brakes, and tire behaviour.

They’re even getting smarter with fluid dynamics. For us it means that rainfall will now saturate the surfaces on which it falls; and if the surface type can’t absorb the rate of falling water, it will pool up and begin to run downhill where. So, if you drive in to a low spot you can expect puddles.

[youtube id=”v5MESKmFtQs”]

As anyone who has watched track racing, Project Cars 2 will bring a dynamic drying line. As cars disperse the standing water on the racing line.

There will also be the ability to spread loose material from outfield areas onto the track. So, if you end up in the gravel and rejoin the race, you will most likely bring some of that kitty litter with you. No doubt, your fellow racers will thank you for that.

Project Cars 2 release

Project Cars 2 is coming in “late 2017”, and will be published by Bandai Namco.

If you fancy some serious driving now, the first Project Cars is on sale on Steam at the moment.

It’s £7.95 for the base game and £13.57 to get it with all the DLC too.

Individual DLC packs are on sale too. I might see you out there.