Project Cars 2 – already?

project cars 2I’ve only just got around to buying Project Cars and they’ve already announced a sequel!

The developers of Project Cars, Slightly Mad Studios, have announced that Project Cars 2, the follow-up to this year’s big race ‘em up, will bring new ‘loose surface’ track types, co-op career, and more.

Slightly Mad are once again looking to the punters to back the development and release of the game through their WMD Portal, which is somewhere between crowdfunding and investment, paying a share of profits to backers.

Chip in at least £50 and you will get in on the lowest tier, which gives you access to dev builds. I suppose this scheme worked last time for them but surely they should have some cash behind them now?

The thing that I find weird is that the first ‘Cars’ is not really finished yet but they’re already getting on to PC2. The original still has bugs, some wonky AI, and wacky physics (but that might just be my driving style).

Slightly Mad admit this and says that they have:

…an existing schedule of on demand content already underway to continue providing Project Cars with fresh new features, updates, and great things to play with throughout the year”

That’s great. So, why not get that sorted before working on a sequel or is the plan to have a range of almost completed racing sims?

Sorry, I’m always tetchy after spending money, it’s my Yorkshire side.

Anyhoooo, the sequel plans include dirt, gravel, mud, and snow tracks, new types of racing, such as Rallycross and Touge, as well as a customisable test track for you to make your own and play with your cars (I’m thinking Scalextric). They’re also planning co-op career support so that you and your buddy can sit together and shout instructions at each other.

project-carsI think it might seem weird to me as this sort of thing usually goes on behind closed doors. Of course, I understand that getting funding for the next project once the last one has just crossed the finish line is normal, but seeing it happen in front of me?

Well, that still feels weird – or is that just me?