Project Ara delayed due to failed drop test

yezz araA couple of my buddies gave me the heads up earlier this week that Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone launch would be delayed (thanks Roy and Ant!). The development team have just revealed the reasons why.

Personally, I reckon that Project Ara is going to provide one of the biggest potential shake-ups that the smartphone market will have seen for a long time.

It was all set to be unleashed in Puerto Rico complete with some Yezz modules no doubt.

The team at google have explained that the design of the modular smartphone did not withstand the drop testing that was carried out on it and would need to be tweaked some. Perhaps its weakness is due to its strength – the fact that the phone is made up of different sections for the Toshiba camera, memory, etc

project ara workingProject Ara now requires a new design for the modular smartphone to keep all the modules in place when its dropped that includes the removal of the electropermanent magnets.

The Tweet for the Google Advanced Technology & Projects (ATAP) group reads:

No more electropermanent magnets. #ProjectAra #FailedTheDropTest”

It’s a shame but no doubt only a small set back as they’ve been playing with the Spiral 1 prototype for a while now.