Pro Tools Essentials – 3 Bargain Bundles For The Digital Home Studio in The Crunch

Pro Tools EssentialsAvid may not be a company name that you’re familiar with.

But, if you hang around with musicians, sound recording artists or you are indeed a muso then you’ll know their industry standard ‘Pro Tools‘ music software.

Well, now they’re offering some tasty bargain bundles that combine the company’s software wing with its hardware division – M-Audio.

Each kit combines a basic, cut-down version (Pro Tools Essentials) of the normally-very-expensive Pro Tools app with useful music hardware. There’s one that comes with a USB microphone, one that comes with a FastTrack audio interface, and one that includes a USB keyboard that’ll also function as a MIDI controller.

Pro Tools Vocal Studio is the one that includes the Producer USB microphone for you vocalists out there or those that strum, blow or hit acoustic instruments. Using the software, users can remix vocals to produce soundtracks and podcasts. It also comes with a desktop stand and carrying case.

Pro Tools Recording Studio lets users craft songs and remixes with little to no prior experience. With the included Fast Track USB audio interface plugged into the computer, you can capture digital sound. The software then lets you dub, mix, remix, edit, blend, restore, and hone to create professional-sounding audio projects.

Pro Tools KeyStudio features the M-Audio KeyStudio USB keyboard, a 49-note velocity-sensitive keyboard that also functions as a MIDI interface. It also features an assignable modulation wheel for effects, volume slider, pitch bend wheel, octave/transpose +/- buttons, sustain pedal input, and more.

With Pro Tools KeyStudio, users can record a single keyboard track or create a complete orchestral recording using the KeyStudio to input any of the 60-plus virtual instruments that come with Pro Tools M-Powered Essential. The keyboard also works with other programs, such as GarageBand and the likes.

Each bundle ships with the Pro Tools M-Powered Essential software, which contains the following:

  • over 5.5GB of instruments and loops
  • 16 stereo/mono audio tracks
  • 8 Instrument Tracks
  • 8 MIDI tracks
  • Studio quality effects collection including reverb, chorus, delay, flanger, phaser, compression, and EQ
  • 3 effect Insert slots per track for up to 3 simultaneous effects
  • Busses for group mixes/effect sends and Aux Tracks for effect returns
  • 2 audio inputs and 2 audio outputs
  • Over 60 virtual instrument sounds from piano and strings, to bass and drums

The idea is to make music production and home studios considerably more affordable, and given that each of these packages run to 80 quid it sounds a pretty sweet deal to me.

All this should be available pretty soon – like, days man!

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