Pro-Ject wins 6th EISA award with Classic TT

Pro-Ject Classic turntablePro-Ject Audio Systems has now received their 6th EISA award with their Classic turntable nomination.

The EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) is arguable the most important consumer electronics standard, worldwide. So, this makes the people over at Pro-Ject very happy indeed.

This is all down to the star of the show, Pro-Ject’s new Classic. Released to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary, it aims to allow entry to the world of audiophile luxury turntables.

We have all played the game ‘spot the inspiration’ when looking at this deck. There are many borrowed styling cues but it all adds up to being something timeless, as well as something Pro-Ject.

The Classic (Platter Assembly)The Classic comes in a wonderful wooden frame, with a damped heavy weight aluminium platter, a revolutionary new carbon/aluminium tonearm and an elegant aluminium counterweight.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems is definitely strengthening its position as a globally vital international brand in the CE industry!

Well done!
[youtube id=”Xd6YeXYBaMg”]

Classic turntable price and availability

The Classic is available with three different wooden chassis (Palisander, Rosenut, Walnut).

Recommended retail price without cartridge is € 950,00 and with included Ortofon moving magnet cartridge “2M Silver” it is € 999,00.

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