Pro-Ject VC-S record cleaner announced

Pro-ject vc-s record cleanerThe Pro-Ject VC-S record cleaning machine is the latest from Pro-Ject Audio Systems and promises to remove dirt and dust from your valuable vinyl.

The Pro-Ject VC-S is a radical new development with advanced features that gives you really clean records faster than ever.

Everybody who has a collection of records knows the importance of keeping them clean. We should keep in mind that whenever we touch and play records this leads to accumulation of impurities from the environment. These impurities, even those of microscopic size, must be managed. They reside in the grooves and significantly contribute to degradation of the recorded signal and mechanical wearing of the grooves.

Advantages of the Pro-Ject VC-S record cleaning machine

  1. It is super powerful and cleans a record in 1 to 2 rotations (the best results come from 1 turn forward, 1 turn backward)
  2. It turns the record very fast (2 seconds per rotation) about 3 times faster than other cleaning machines do. The result is faster cleaning of records, as well as much cleaner and 100% dry records with no residual humidity!
  3. A new type of clamp protects the record label from the cleaning fluid and avoids damage of the label. Because the record does not touch the platter, it will not have direct contact with dirty surfaces.
  4. A robust easy-to-use metal arm with mechanically stable fixing that doesn’t use springs.
  5. A big container (2.5 litre) for used fluid which shows fill capacity and guarantees no spillage of used cleaning fluid. Discharging used fluid is extremely easy.

Pro-Ject also offer their newly developed vinyl cleaning concentrate ´Wash it´ for vinyl and ´Wash it 78´ for shellac records.

pro-ject vc-s accessoriesPro-Ject VC-S record cleaner price

Vinyl Cleaner VC-S SRP € 449,00 (includes accessory kit shown above)

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