Pro-Ject Juke Box E all-in-one turntable and Hi-Fi system

pro-ject juke box e tonearmIf you are tempted by some of those all-in-one record player systems as a Christmas gift then you should check out the Juke Box E from Pro-Ject.

The Pro-Ject Juke Box E system is a turntable-fronted “one box” solution.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems has finally announced their take on an all-in-one ‘plug & play’ turntable. When I say all-in-one, what looks like just a record player is so much more. The beauty is that no one will be able to tell.

You will have seen the record players with in-built speakers and such in supermarkets and the likes. These are generally poor quality and some have actually been known to damage records. Pro-Ject has been a well respected brand since 1990, so you know that this will be good quality.

Also, they have paid attention to the potential issues caused by having speakers in, or nearby your turntable.

Pro-Ject Juke Box E

pro-ject juke box e all in oneJuke Box E is a record player with integrated phono stage, Bluetooth receiver, pre-amplifier and a power amplifier all in one chassis.

All you need to add is a set of speakers and then you have a complete hi-fi system.

pro-ject juke box e releasedThe record player is based on the Pro-Ject Primary. This includes a 8.6-inch aluminium tonearm with sapphire bearings, Ortofon OM 5E cartridge, perimeter belt-drive operation and a low-vibration synchronous motor.

Tech inside

However, there is more. Built into the Juke Box E chassis is an integrated 50w amplifier and a moving-magnet phono stage based on Pro-Ject’s Phono Box.

Furthermore there is a Bluetooth receiver and an additional Line input.

[youtube id=”NyJjGEdMqQ8″]

Also around the rear you will find gold-plated RCA connectors and isolated speaker terminals.

All of this is set in to a high-gloss plinth (available in Black, Red or White finish), with an aluminium pulley, removable dust cover, decoupling feet and the display panel on the top-chassis.


A 32-step digital potentiometer allows you to dial in the perfect volume, whilst pressing it switches between inputs. The clear high contrast display lets you know the volume and which source you have selected.

pro-ject juke box e displayThere is also a bundled remote so you can select inputs and adjust volume and EQ from your chair.

Price and availability

Price is £369 and is available across the UK from mid-December 2017. Head to the Pro-Ject website for more details.

Christmas deal

Additionally, Henley Audio is offering a bundle for UK consumers. The Juke Box E/Speaker Box 5 Bundle includes a set of speakers with the turntable – just add your preferred cables.

The Speaker Box 5 includes a 127mm woofer and 25mm tweeter. These speakers are finished in a matching high-gloss finish to the Juke Box E. This bundle is also available across the UK from mid-December 2017. The bargain price is £499.

Tel: 01235 511 166 Fax: 01235 511 266 or head on over to Henley Audio’s website.