Pro-ject announce Essential III turntable

Pro-Ject Phono Essential3The Pro-ject Essential II was already a great bang-for-your-buck package. But, the renowned Austrian Hi-Fi company has revised it and are now ready to reveal the Essential III.

The Essential III turntable is just not a mild refresh of the previous iteration though.

The first and probably one of the most important changes was to use a better cartridge, Ortofon’s OM10.

The Essential II came with the OM5, which is still one of the budget kings around, but the OM10 simply offers a more refined and dynamic sound.

More than a cartridge upgrade

There is also a new precision diamond cut aluminium pulley. This is said to offer more precise motor transmission and is something that can rarely be found in turntables at this price.

A completely new designed DC powered motor control hands the Essential III improved speed stability with minimal speed drift. This obviously allows the record to spin at a more accurate speed and so delivers perfectly timed sound to your speakers.

Another big step up from Essential II is a new main platter bearing with lowered tolerances and reduced rumble, and wow and flutter.

project essential3 black and whiteEssential III now comes with a higher grade platter and chassis made of MDF. The heavier material is less prone to distortion.

Something that gets overlooked by many manufacturers is the quality of the turntable mat. The new feltmat has a more balanced and smoother sound.

Essential III is the first of Pro-ject’s turntables that will come with the improved mat. All existing turntables will of course also get this new mat as standard.

Another enhancement, that has already been included in other turntables, is the supplied phono cable. The new record player will now come with the Connect it E cable. The company says that this offers far better sound than its price may suggest.

Pro-ject Essential III price and availability

The Essential III (OM10) is available in high gloss red, black, white with a SRP € 325,00 (£240).

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