Pro-Camera iPhone app Features Anti-Shake, Auto Timer, Tiltmeter, Digital Zoom and Loads More

iphone procameraWe know how popular the iPhone is amongst the snap-happy.

Even though people have had a few unkind things to say about the camera – you can’t argue that a lot of people are taking photos and some aint bad either.

To help the more fussy amongst you there have been image stabilisation apps before; but it’s not been until 3.0 that developers have had a decent amount of access to the hardware to do it any real justice.

Hello Pro-Camera.

Pro-Camera’s features include that anti-shake, which uses the accelerometer to detect where the iPhone is moving in space, as well as self-timer and digital zoom.

It’s £1.79, which is peanuts if it actually does what it says.

Any of you photography types tried it yet?

Let me know 🙂

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