Printies Design Studio – Kids Creature Creator

printies_by_techno_source_printies_pet_design_studioIf you’re the creative type and don’t want your kids to have the same soft-toys as the rest here’s a studio just for you.

Printies Design Studio kit and refill packs are designed to be an affordable activity to help kid’s create their own creatures.

The system uses a PC and a regular ink jet printer with special Printies fabric sheets.

Once printed the design can be removed from the dual sided sheet and then it’s time for it to get stuffed.

The sheets are all pre-sewn, and apparently it’s all mess-free – “So what’s the point in that?!” I hear all the kidlings scream.

The designs are sealed by placing them into “included colourful shoes” that seal off the design.

The Design Studio Kit sells for $19.99 and refill packs retail for $9.99.

Refill kits offer designs in addition to those included with the Studio kit.

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