Price and UK Release of Samsung N310

samsung-n310I promised more details as I got them and here y’are 🙂

After Sammy showed of their colourful range of antibacterial netbooks yesterday I’ve managed to get some more particulars about the N310.

Those funky cases are made of a rubber-esque material and the thing weighs 1.23kgs, which is a tad more than I thought.

Good news is though it apparently feels well put together and that rubbery shell should protect it from the occasional nudge off a coffee-shop table.

As I mentioned before – the keyboard should be nice to use as it’s almost full-size (93% of full size one so Samsung say).

You can get 5 hours out of a charge, you get three USB ports and a 3-in-1 card reader.

It will bounce out in May and should cost around £399.