Prescription Meds Go All 2.0 with Rate A Drug

rateadrug-logoYour Doc has put you on some drugs and you’ve read the label, the leaflet and checked the BMI.

But this is 2009 right?  You’d rather trust other real folk out there to rate how effective the drugs are.

Hello RateADrug. (Not DateARug which is what I wrote first time round – mine obviously aren’t are working!)

The site allows users to share their own experiences with different prescription drugs, ranging from Ambien, to Zoloft.

Yeah Viagara is in there (so to speak).

The feedback is actually quite detailed, giving average scores (on a 0-100% scale) users have submitted for each possible side effect.

There’s even a comment area for each drug.

Most of the feedback on RateADrug is anonymous which aint surprising really as most people don’t want the world knowing what meds they’re on.

The downside (or contraindication if you like) is that the scores could be tampered by the manufacturers, etc.

There’s lots of interesting data on RateADrug, and if you rate drugs yourself, you’ll get comparative data of how your experience compares to other users on the site.

How modern 🙂