Preorder PlayStation 4 from Asda now

PS4 Dual Shock 4UK supermarket chain Asda has followed the lead of GAME and Amazon in offering the chance to pre-order the PlayStation 4 even though we are still yet to find out its official price or release date.

Whilst Sony’s boss may not have actually seen the next gen PlayStation yet, but this has not prevented Asda from giving you the chance to reserve your PS4 for a £20 deposit. This will ensure that you get your new console on the day of release, whenever that may be.

According to Asda’s terms and conditions: “By purchasing this pre-order, you are reserving a Sony PlayStation 4 console at launch,” They continue by stating that “We will send you a unique discount code worth £20, which you will need to use to complete the purchase of a Sony PlayStation 4 when they go on sale on the Asda Direct Web Site”.

Essentially, you are buying a £20 pre-order voucher at Asda Direct when you check out, which can be redeemed against the total cost of the console when it finally ships.

“Customers using their unique pre-order discount code will be sent their Sony PlayStation 4 first and before other regular orders. You will need to keep this code safe until you need to use it. The code can only be used online on the Asda Direct web site.”

Asda is currently displaying the release date as being Christmas 2013, as per Sony’s original announcement, but we all know that this could change.

It also says that if there are several different bundles available on launch, you will get a choice of which one you wish to purchase.

To find out more have a looksee here.

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