PQI Cool Drive – USB Stick That Will Also Cojoin Your Computers

pqi-cool-drive-u360The PQI Cool Drive U360 looks pretty much like any other USB drive but it holds a neat trick up its sleeve – oh yes!

The tricksy USB stick can also be used to transfer data between two computers, with its built in software and mini USB port.

El Neato – huh?

Shove one end of the USB into one puter and then hook up the other end via the sticks Mini USB port and hey presto! Data transfer a-go-go thanks to the built in software.

It comes in a choice of different sizes from 4Gb up to 16GB, and can transfer data between two computers at up to 21 MB/s.

The cost and release date seems to have been transferred elsewhere but feel free to check out the Product Page.

I found this clever thing on Far East Gizmos

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